The Jenn Cole Bespoke Bridal Experience

In addition to our collection of ready to wear gowns, Jenn Cole can design and craft a custom gown that creates the wedding day look you’ve always dreamed of.


Wedding Jumpsuit Testimony

The wedding jumpsuit that JennCole Designs designed for me was a BEAST (Beautifully Elegant Attire Sexy and Terrific)! The jumpsuit was stunning and I received numerous likable comments. The fit was nice and the details on the bodice were amazing. I’m very happy to have worked with such a talented designer. Jenn listened to my requests and ideas to create a very stunning wedding jumpsuit that will be treasured for years to come. Even though I didn’t live in the state of New York, JennCole made the process very easy - triple checking body measurements and accommodating an out-of-state fitting. I’m very happy I decided to allow JennCole Designs to transform my special day. Thank You JennCole Designs!

Belinda White Logan – Las Vegas, Nevada

July 9, 2017. Right Place, Right Time for Love.

Every Bride’s biggest concern is her dress. She doesn’t want it to be like anybody else’s & she want to receive the ooh’s and awe’s when she walks in but she doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg. she wants it to look expensive but not be expensive. It’s all about the budget. I reached out to the one person, whom I always heard wonderful things about, who I knew had style and class & was good at what she does. I was a bit worried at the fact that she was in New York but I wanted the best so I wanted her. Ms. Jennifer Cole. She listened to my ideas and really asked questions to understand and get a vision of what I really wanted. Through the entire process with her, I feel like she really had my best interest in mind and she really wanted me to be happy. She sent me several tools to help with colors, sizes, how to measure, unique style ideas and so forth. She stayed in touch with me on a regular basis, even though I was busy and wasn’t always available. She remained patient and always pleasant. I sent an animated picture of what I wanted and she tailored it and modified it with several changes to get it just how I wanted it to be. The main thing was bringing out my good parts but concealing my not so good parts to ensure that I was beautiful, comfortable and flawless. After working with her and talking with her, I was even more confident that she knew what she was doing. I let her finalize everything, including the fabric type and so forth. I was a bit worried about the fit, even though she sent guidelines for me to use when I go to get measured but I was still worried. I was thinking, I am not going to have time to send it all the way back to her for changes. I was a bit nervous about the distance. The best part of all of this was, when I received my package (which was well put together), I opened it in Awe and I tried it on. The fit was perfect. It was as if she was right there with me the whole time, measuring me herself. There were no alterations needed, at all. It was perfect and the price fit right into my budget and I was very satisfied. Everyone loved it. Thank you, Jen. You’re the best!
Monique Jackson

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