Discover the Magic Behind the "Purple Ty Collection"

Dive into a tale of worldwide adventures, unexpected friendships, and the beauty of bringing dreams to life. This isn't just a story about dresses, it's a testament to the incredible bonds we form and the power of passion. During a tailoring job aboard the Crystal Cruise Line Cruise Ship, Jenn Cole crossed paths with Pastor Efren Rivamonte, the ship's tailor. This chance meeting blossomed into a deep bond, with Efren’s family in the Philippines becoming an extended family to Jenn.

Now, let's talk about the budding artist, Jalayssa Ty. A member of Efren’s church, she was a secret sketch enthusiast who admired Jenn's work from afar. With Efren's introduction, the two connected, leading Jenn to mentor Jalayssa, nurturing her raw talent into skillful fashion designs. To Jenn, Jalayssa was more than a mentee; she was like family.

But life took an unexpected turn. Jalayssa, having moved to Japan for studies and later work, faced an unfortunate accident, injuring her hand and putting a pause to her sketches. Distressed by the news, Jenn felt a surge of inspiration and purpose.

Enter "The Purple Ty Collection." A tribute to Jalayssa's undying passion, Jenn transformed 5 of her sketches into mesmerizing gowns, each infused with shades of purple, Jenn's signature color. Breaking away from the conventional white, this vibrant collection celebrates individuality and the spirit of resilience.

Each dress tells a story, named after the remarkable women who've touched Jenn's life: Jalayssa, Elisa (Jalayssa’s mother), Jennifer (Efren’s wife), Elisha Joy (Efren’s daughter), and Aminata, Jenn's adopted daughter from Sierra Leone.

Despite the challenges posed by Covid, Jenn's determination shone through. Turning her living room into a studio, she showcased the collection on mannequins, capturing its essence and sharing it with an astounded Jalayssa. This act wasn't just about fashion—it was a powerful message: Never let life's adversities dim your shine. Keep dreaming, keep sketching.

And indeed, Jalayssa did, filling Jenn's inbox once more with her enchanting designs. In every sketch and hue of the "Purple Ty Collection," you'll find a world of dreams, determination, and the beauty of human connection.

Dive in, and let these dresses inspire you.

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