Tailoring & Alterations

Getting a brilliant custom wedding gown or dress is only the beginning. Having it fit your body perfectly is our goal.

Jenn Cole’s Tailoring and Alteration services stand as a beacon of refined craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in the fashion world. Recognizing that a perfect fit can elevate any garment from ordinary to extraordinary, our offerings are designed to sculpt and enhance every silhouette.  Whether you are in Dallas, TX or need special attention outside of the DFW area, we have you covered.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke Tailoring: Crafting garments from scratch, perfectly molded to your body and style preferences.
  • Precision Alterations: Adjusting hems, seams, and fits to align with your body’s unique contours.
  • Garment Restyling: Revamping older pieces to resonate with current trends and personal tastes.
  • Specialized Repairs: Ensuring longevity and beauty of cherished items with expert care.

With a focus on quality, precision, and client satisfaction, we blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, promising a tailored experience that not only fits impeccably but feels uniquely yours.

  • Corporate Tailoring: Hotel Uniform Tailoring, Casino Uniform Tailoring, Resort and Spa Uniform Tailoring

We provide expert tailoring services to give your staff the professional look and fit you want for your Company! Giving them confidence in serving your customers with a smile! Our owner, Designer Jennifer Cole, has been in the business 26 years, traveling and doing professional tailoring and custom designing, along with running a successful business in MS, NY, Africa, and now Dallas. Jenn has work as a Tailor with the iconic Ralph Lauren and his design teams. She has worked 7 years with Top Hat Imagewear uniform company as their Head Tailor and traveled in and out of the country doing alterations and

Jenn Cole Designs Inc. strives to give you, your customers, and your staff the look and fit they deserve!

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